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Dealership Opportunity @ packaging Bazar
"Packaging Bazar provides you an opportunity to be your own boss, start a business and watch it grow”

     Requirements to start a packaging bazar Dealer store:

     300-500 sq. ft. owned/rented premises of which the proof is to be submitted (rent agreement/electricity bill etc.)

  • All statutory compliances to start the business (Registration under shops and establishments act, VAT registration.)

  • Computer system with licensed software and internet connection.

  • Retail product should be displayed accordingly

  • Staff requirement- Owner+2 (1 for retail store and 1 for field work), 1 person has to come for the training as scheduled by the company.

Prefered locations:

  • All Distict,Tehsil and industrial Areas of Madhaya pradesh.


    Q1. How much investment is needed to start a Packaging Bazar outlet?

    Ans. Investment ranges between 3 lakhs- 7 lakhs.

    Q2. What does the investment of 3lakhs-7lakhs include?

    Ans. It includes franchise fees, cost of packaging materials and machinery and computer system and   software. The cost of property (rented/owned) is not included in it.

    Q3. Do I need to own a property?

    Ans. It is not needed to own a property. Property could be rented also.

    Q4. Do I receive assistance in opening a Packaging Bazar outlet?

    Ans. Yes! You will receive knowledge, time to time training and back up also as and when required by   you.

    Q5. I am not a marketing expert and do not have any experience of running a retail outlet?

    Ans. Some of our present franchisees are also from the different fields and they also did not have any past experience in running a retail outlet. We will train you and provide you with knowledge, training and   time to time backups which equip you with the relevant skills.

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